Who We Are

Luminoso is a toy manufacturer operating in the global market . Our toys are safe and innovative. Made from high-quality materials and durable construction, our toys are sure to be loved for years to come. We can make all sorts of unique products in a number of different sizes and shapes, either with one color or multiple colors. We even offer custom orders! We help you find the perfect toy for your child. Our professional designs include colorful toys and fun characters, as well as soft toy, electrical toys, puzzles, building blocks and toys that encourage imaginative play. Our products are safe for children of all ages.Our toys are fun and safe for babies, toddlers and kids. Our products are made to last, with no weak points so you can be confident your child will love them for years to come.


At Luminoso International Private Limited, we believe to serve our customers in the best possible way. Customer satisfaction is one of our prime focus and so we provide our customers with the highest quality product which are safe for their children

Something About Us

At Luminoso International Private Limited, we endeavor to offer a fun-loving yet learning experience for children of different age groups through our toys, thus striving towards a wholesome growth of the child’s personality since they are the future of any nation.

Free Resources

With great experience in toy distribution, we have inputs from the best consultants in the industry for quality resources to manufacture high-quality toys.


Our products give a wholesome experience to both parents and children as they devices both a fun as well as a learning experience. Our toys instill a sense of imagination and creativity among children of different age groups.

Fully Responsive

We create high-quality toys keeping in mind the safety of the children as regulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards. We have happy-faced clients all over the country.